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FlightZONES Marathon Training Sharing #05

 Running Form Focus – Upper Body

Please practice the form focuses during your training runs, think about your body position and alignment and make adjustments throughout your run to stay relaxed and move efficiently

Below is a Checklist of all the Focuses. Whenever you’re practicing a focus, Body Sense it. As you get increasingly proficient with the focuses, you’ll be able to sense when some part of your running form doesn’t feel quite right, then engage the appropriate focus to correct it.

Upper Body

Relax, Relax, Relax. It’s common for runners to tighten up their shoulders or other muscles as they get tired. But all that stiffness and tension wastes energy and makes you less efficient. When you feel your technique slipping, ask yourself: Where am I tense, and what can I do about it?

Sense and respond with the correct adjustments, which might be as simple as straightening your arms and shaking them out or reminding yourself to lower your shoulders. Pre-run body looseners––such as shaking out your arms and legs, ankle rolls and hip and pelvis circles––to help your muscles learn to stay relaxed when you are running and throughout the day.

Checklist : Focus on upper body.

Swing your elbows to the rear, keeping them bent at constant right angle.

  • Don’t pump your arms
  • Don’t cross your centerline with your hands.
  • Relax your hands, as if you’re holding a butterfly.
  • Keep your shoulders low and relaxed.
  • Use your arm swing to set your cadence.

Chi Running, Danny Dreyer

ADVISORY: You are responsible for yourself and your property for all Team FatBird run sessions. Team FatBird and its members shall not assume responsibility or liability for any loss of property, injury, damage, accidents, death during the runs.