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FlightZONES Marathon Training Sharing #04

Running Form Focus – Lower Body

Land on the Mid–Foot. To keep your posture in alignment––which helps reduce injuries––while you’re leaning forward, land with a mid-foot strike when you run. You want your foot to land underneath or slightly behind you, in line with your hips and shoulders.

Run from Your Core. Many women suffer from hip problems whil! e running. Often this is caused by weak core muscles, which aren't strong enough to keep the hips and pelvis aligned. To reduce injuries, it's vital to keep your p! elvis level. You do this by engaging your core m! uscles while you run.

Pelvic Rotation. To level your pelvis, try this simple exercise: Stand against the wall and try to press your lower back into the wall. Watch what happens to your pelvis. You have to engage your lower abdominal muscles in a vertical crunch m ovement. Remember that feeling in your body and try to maintain it as you run.

Checklist : Focus on Lower Body

• Pick up your feet.
• Keep your lower legs limp.
• Swings your legs to the rear.
• Bend your knees and let your heels float up behind you.
• Remember, soft foot strike, loose ankles, don’t push off with your toes. Run quietly and lightly, as if you’re trying to sneak up on someone.
• Don’t pronate. Run alon g a tightr! ope, leading with your knees.
• Loosen your hips.. • Keep your cadence between 85 and 90 strides per minute


Lean Forward. One of the biggest forces we have to fight every day is gravity. Why not make it work for us instead of against us? By adding a slight forward lean when you run, your body falls forwa rd and you use gravity for your propulsion instead of your legs. This lean also helps keep your body in alignment, with your foot landing under you.
To do this, lean from your ankles, not your waist, and keep your spine straight. The lean is subtle; don't le! an so far forward you are out of control or actually falling.

Checklist : Focus on Lean

• Keep your Column straight at all times.
• Lean from y our ankles, with your whole body as one unit.
Feel yourself falling forward.
• Be sure your upper body is in front of your foot strike.
• Your lean is your gas pedal.! To go faster, lean more.
• Your upper body is extended out front while your legs swing out the back.

Chi Running, Danny Dreyer

ADVISORY: You are responsible for yourself and your property for all Team FatBird run sessions. Team FatBird and its members shall not assume responsibility or liability for any loss of property, injury, damage, accidents, death during the runs.