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FlightZONES Marathon Training Sharing #03
Training With Your Heart, Part II

Optimal Training FlightZONES


FlightZONE 2 – BaseBuild ZONE


“FlightZONES” Easy Run @ BaseBuild ZONE: the bulk of your training should be in this “BaseBuild” Heart Rate Zone. ( 73% - 79% of your max HR )

It builds and develops your aerobic fitness. “BaseBuild” Runs are totally comfortable and controlled - you should be able to converse comfortably with your training partner(s). The aim is to get the mileage in and get the body used to running long distances. Try to resist the urge to go faster, even though you might feel like doing so.


Establishing a good training base is “the most crucial” component in taking steps towards achieving peak personal performance in endurance sport. This “BaseBuild” phase of training will determine how well you will be able to tolerate and benefit from the harder / faster training in the speed phase of your FlightZONES marathon training.


In the “BaseBuild” phase, there are several components that you want to focus on:

(i)         Fuel efficiency is one physiological component that should be the focus in this phase. By increasing your body's ability to use fat for energy efficiently, you will see an improvement in endurance performance as well as a reduction in body fat. ( 5–10km )

(ii)        Pace - Using the heart rate monitor will assist you to regulate your training pace and stay within the optimal training “BaseBuild” ZONE. ( 7–10km )

(iii)       Technique - “BaseBuild” ZONE training is the perfect opportunity to practice good running form and foster good habits. Proper technique is a result of consistently teaching the muscles to move and function in a specific way through muscle memory.

Good running form can save you lots of energy as well as improve your performance ability while reducing the risk of injury.


FlightZONE 3 – TempoBird ZONE


Tempo Runs @ TempoBird ZONE : They are designed to increase the Runner’s stamina and improve your running tempo or rhythm! ( 79% - 84% of your max HR ) It consists of “Pickups” in the middle of your run at your 10km Pace lasting 15- 30mins. As a gauge you should be breathing harder, but not to the point where you are breathless. Run normally until you recover before beginning the next pickup.


TempoBird ZONE is also known as lactate threshold pace. Tempo workouts, training in this Zone is usually done in the endurance and basebuild training phases.


Developing your lactate clearance ability is the other physiological component that will significantly improve your endurance performance. This will allow your muscle to function optimally at a higher intensity without accumulating lactic acid. This byproduct is the main cause of loss in muscular performance in endurance athletes when they have a poor ability to clear and prevent the accumulation of the lactic acid and pushing a pace that is too fast for their ability.


By investing the time to consistently practice and train in these 2 optimal endurance and BaseBuild FlightZONES, you will be setting yourself up to be able to tolerate and benefit from the more intense specific training that will eventually be progressed into. This strong base creates a solid foundation that allows for more significant improvement later on in the other phases.



Team FatBird FlightZONES™ Marathon Training

ADVISORY: You are responsible for yourself and your property for all Team FatBird run sessions. Team FatBird and its members shall not assume responsibility or liability for any loss of property, injury, damage, accidents, death during the runs.