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Welcome to Team FatBird's FlightZONES Training!


FlightZONES Marathon Training Sharing #01


- 12 weeks FlightZONES™ Marathon Training Programme





This programme is specifically designed with the Beginner/Intermediate runner in mind. The runner who is undertaking this 21km Half Marathon and 42km Full Marathon training should already have completed a few shorter distance races prior to training. The Runner is able to commit time and effort to train 3-4 sessions per week.


Team FatBird’s FlightZONES Marathon Training Programme consists of the following workouts:


FlightZONES ( Weekend Endurance Run ) @ BaseBuild ZONE : forms the Key Component of this Programme, with the emphasis to improve runner endurance in distance running. They are slow runs that keep you on your feet for 1hr to 3 1/2 hrs. Keep the effort easy and give your body the necessary conditioning and stimulus of a long run.


Easy Run @ BaseBuild ZONE : the bulk of your training should be in this “Easy Run” mode. It builds and develops your aerobic fitness. Easy Runs are totally comfortable and controlled - you should be able to converse comfortably with your training partner(s). The aim is to get the mileage in and get the body used to running long distances. Try to resist the urge to go faster, even though you might feel like doing so.


Tempo Run @ TempoBird ZONE : They are designed to increase the Runner’s stamina and improve your running tempo or rhythm! It is usually done at a pace 30s slower than your 10km pace, for distances of 5km-8km progressively.   As a gauge you should be running Tempos at a corfortably hard effort, but not to the point where you are breathless.
It can sometimes vary in the form of Fartleks, consisting of “Pickups” in the middle of your run at your 10km Pace lasting 15-30mins.  Run normally until you recover before beginning the next pickup.


Recovery Run @ FatTrim ZONE : A workout targeted at increasing blood flow throughout the muscles to improve their recovery. Effort should be very Easy (Especially the day after a Endurance session or Tempo Workout).


PowerFLIGHT @ SpeedyBird ZONE : They are speed and strength workouts to increase your lactate threshold pace, leads to faster race times! Train your lactate tolerance.


PACE ( Marathon Race Pace ) @ BaseBuild ZONE : Your target marathon race pace timing


Team FatBird’s 12 weeks FlightZONES Training Program requires the runner to follow the recommended Weekly Workout Routine:


The Runner is able to commit time and effort to train 3-4 sessions per week.

–         1-2 Easy Run @ FatTrim ZONE or BaseBuild ZONE ( 5–10km )

–         1 Tempo Run @ Tempo ZONE ( 7–10km )

–         1 FlightZONES ( Weekend Endurance Run ) @ BaseBuild ZONE

–         2-3 days Rest / Core + Strength Training — Conditioning


Runner’s Total Weekly Mileage should not overly exceed the Recommended Mileage.


Team FatBird’s FlightZONES™


Refer to Team FatBird FlightZONES 's Optimal Benefits Chart for the purpose and usefulness for the various workouts under each targeted HRM training zone.


Max Heart Rate - for a start, TFB will use the American sports scientists's modified basic formula to allow for gender: 214-(0.8 x age) for men, and 209-(0.9 x age) for women. However, this still gives a generalized result. For those who want to more precise HR max reading, you will need to perform the specific tests in a sport performance lab.


Team FatBird’s FlightZONES Calculator .

Enter your Age & Gender and let us compute your Max Heart Rate and Team FatBird's FlightZONES!


In all workouts you should not hesitate to cut the distance or intensity should you not be feeling well.


Should you miss a training you should also not try to make it up by doing it the next day. One missed training won't cause any dire consequence to your training



FM - Full Marathon

HM - Half Marathon

HG - Happy Group (Time Base FlightZONES Training for beginner level Trainees)

ADVISORY: You are responsible for yourself and your property for all Team FatBird run sessions. Team FatBird and its members shall not assume responsibility or liability for any loss of property, injury, damage, accidents, death during the runs.