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Flight ZONES Marathon Training Sharing #11

 Final Count Down


Race preparation – key points to a stress free race

  • Keep yourself as stress free as possible
  • Make sure you are familiar with the race route
  • Make sure you make a checklist and pack your gear at least a day before
  • Have a good meal and hydrate well early the day/couple of days before
  • Use the restroom before you leave
  • Make sure you leave to race early to avoid any delays

After months of preparation, you’ve finally made it to the last few days counting down till the big day. Here are some tips to remember:

It is important to trim your toenails or it can catch part of a sock or push against the front of running shoes and prompt blisters. Make sure you check and prepare your running clothes, shorts and a singlet will be sufficient. Avoiding clothes with lots of contact with skin, which can cause abrasions mid-race.


Check your running shoes to make sure that there isn’t any debris stuck in the soles and that the laces are still in good condition and not frayed, in case they break during the race.


On the day before the marathon, try to stay off your feet as much as possible through the early evening before you go to bed. You want to have "fresh" legs. If you’re going to do an easy run, do it early in the day. Drink throughout the day and into the evening. Drink until your urine is clear. If you’re urinating every hour, you’re well hydrated.


Lay out your clothes. If you already have it, pin your number on your shirt. Make sure you have secured your race number according to race rules. Make sure if you are using safely pins not to have metal exposed to your skin. Put your socks in your running shoes. Lay everything out on the floor, starting from your head down so you won’t forget anything. Make sure you pack all other gear that you will need such as anti-chafing stick, gels, fresh clothes and slippers.


Set your alarm to wake up early so you have plenty of time before the race, including your running watch and the radio alarm. You need to be awake and alert and it’s also important to get your body functioning. Don’t worry if you can’t sleep well. You should have slept well in the two night’s prior. Pre-race jitters are common. The harder you try to fall asleep, the more you’ll stay awake.


On race morning, eat a light meal, 2 - 3 hours prior to the race. Bread, water and non-acidic fruit like bananas are popular choices. Avoid dairy products, fried foods or anything you are not accustomed to eating at breakfast. Pick up your gear bag and leave for the race giving yourself enough time to park, check on details, warm up and get ready to run.


Carry a water bottle on the way to the race and sip a little often until the entire bottle is finished before the race starts. Find the location of the restroom facilities as soon as you arrive at the race start to avoid the last-minute rush and long lines. Nervousness may lead to several visits. Get in line early, there's usually a crowd.


The most important thing to remember is that race time is the time for tried methods, foods, shoes, and equipment. Never try anything for the first time in a race.

ADVISORY: You are responsible for yourself and your property for all Team FatBird run sessions. Team FatBird and its members shall not assume responsibility or liability for any loss of property, injury, damage, accidents, death during the runs.